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    Push Pull Legs Spacing

    I'm 37, and 3 years into getting my life back thanks to lifting/diet. I was 340 lbs 3 years ago, about 220 now and as others describe "You don't look light someone who lost 120 lbs"... I credit weight lifting for that.

    I typically do a PPL split but have been toying around with the spacing. Here's my 3 splits that i'm deciding from...

    1. Monday - Push
    Tuesday - Pull - Legs
    Wed - Off
    Thursday - Push
    Friday - Pull-Legs
    This is the program I do when i'm at "my best". It ends up being hard for me to do though schedule wise, i'm a teacher and have a 2 year old and an 8 year old and feel like i'm "wasting" the weekends in this split. I also have a hard time fitting cardio in with this split.

    2. Every other day with Push and Pull/legs
    This is probably the one I go to the most as it affords me the every other day to do cardio without much disturbance.

    3. Every other day with legs being a seperate day from pull
    This one gives legs it's own day, but spaces out the lifts a lot.

    I do not care about it being the same day of the week every week, and do prefer to get cardio in for heart health but would prioritize lifting ahead of it. I'm not looking to gain a ton of mass and don't eat to gain. I'm pretty stable weight wise and would like to just get stronger. Any advice on how split it up?
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