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    Progressive overload

    Dear all,

    I am currently a beginner going to the gym. I have been going for a year, 5 days a week, including 4 days of resistance training and 1 day of cardiovascular training.

    I started training without a personal trainer, I designed my own plans and did my own research. I realised that creating a plan at this stage isn't good as I didn't have the knowledge to do so, but for all my exercises I did "5 sets x 10 reps".

    I am wondering when should I progressively overload? Is it when I start feeling comfortable with my current workout?

    Furthermore, I have been doing the same exercises with the same volume and reps for a long time, and I realised that I have been seeing muscle growth slow down or stop. My hypertrophy isn't stopping right? In July of this year, my muscles were still big. However, since the summer, all the 6 weeks, I've constantly done one workout, one weight, one amount of reps and sets. Now looking back, I realised that I'm maintaining my mass and potentially it has started to shrink.

    How long would you reckon to get back on track? As my clothes started becoming bigger for me.

    Finally, I want to ask if anyone's been in a similar situation as I am, beginner without a budget for a personal trainer, self-research, and also hasn't done much progressive overload? I need some experience and motivation so I understand that I have not wasted the past year doing anything.

    Many thanks,
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