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    31 year old male 140 pound 6 month transformation

    Hi Guys,

    For whatever reason, after 6 months of consistently working out 1 hr/4-5 days a week I have decided to post some of my results. Now, I know they are very minimal- but for someone with my body type, diet and using very little supplements (a protein shake after the gym) this is realistically how long it took.

    The fact is, building muscle takes time. And if you are starting at ground zero like me, you will need quite a bit of discipline to achieve your goals. My advice is to not worry about appearance for AT LEAST the first 3 months, and simply focus on making the gym part of your every day routine. Don't weigh yourself everyday, don't look in the mirror before your shower for 30 minutes...just go. If anything, you want to judge your progress based on how much stronger you are getting. As long as you are increasing the weight week to week and eating enough food, your muscles will grow.

    I say that because for me, the hardest part was not seeing much change after 2,3,4 will get discouraging, but you have to keep at it. Realistically it takes 6 months to a year before you are going to see any sort of change in your physical appearance if you have a naturally skinny frame with minimal muscle to start.

    That said - below will give you an idea of where I started and where I am at now. I went from barely being able to bench press 90lbs one time to doing 10 reps of 130 for 3 sets. Again, I know this is not heavy weight and I am far from where I want to be...but for all the skinny dudes out there trying to gain some weight- hopefully this gives you some motivation. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but eventually it will pay off!

    Starting Weight: 140lbs
    Current Weight: 150lbs

    Weekly Workout Routine:

    (5 minutes on treadmill each day to warm up)
    Monday - Chest
    Tues - Bi's/Tri's
    Wed - Shoulders/traps
    Thurs - Back
    Friday - Legs

    If you have any tips, questions or comments for me- shoot away.

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