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    Training Help & Advice Wanted

    Hi Guys

    Current stats
    30yrs old, 175lbs, 5ft, 10

    Goal weight of 200lbs so looking to make some good gains in the next 12-18 months with a solid diet of good fats, good carbs & high protein, av 3000kcal per day. 8-9 hours quality sleep & supplements include Creatine, omega 3, multi vit.

    Have trained previously doing full body workouts 3 times a week when I was younger but was uneducated on diet and rest & then had my kids.

    My current training program:


    Back & Biceps





    Chest Tris Shoulders

    I’m focusing on compound lifts for 10-15 reps with 12-16 sets per major muscle group per WO and finishing each WO with isolation lifts & drop sets for smaller muscle groups:
    (Bis, tris, delts, traps, calves)
    Also looking to add weight to the bar every week.
    Cardio is limited to 1 day per week.

    My question:
    With my current age and weight as a natural lifter is this going to be enough or too much training volume & frequency to reach my goal weight or would I make better progress and see more gains with a different WO split?

    Has anybody with similar background & stats to me (age, weight) had experience in making good gains and what advice can you give me & also what worked best for you?

    Any tips of the trade appreciated!

    Cheers in advance guys !

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