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    New : Advice on my Journey!

    Hello all,

    My current goal is 185lb 10~12% BF.
    My current stats : 5’10 165lb not sure on BF ������
    25 Years old

    Currently eating ~2400 calories a day (clean)
    180g of protein 300g carbs 50g fats (mixed nuts) I keep my sodium intake fairly low and I’m drinking about a gallon of water a day. I have seen decent gains as I have been working out for going on 3 years.. I’ve put on about 15 lbs (muscle/fat). Now that I’m out the military I’m really pushing to gain strength and aesthetics. My current workout routine is pretty common : Chest/triceps-Back/Biceps-shoulders/traps-legs/core. I’m doing HIT once a week because I don’t want to diminish my gains. My problem is although I’m putting on muscle I can’t seem to get rid of this ‘dad body’ shape and it’s killing me. In the right light I look good, vascular, cut etc but regularly I feel like I have this dad body. My weakness seems to be (in my eyes) my lower chest and my obliques. I have included pictures below to show what I mean. I do not have any pictures of me before sorry ������. If you have any advice on what workouts I should include or how I should alter my nutrition or just anything in general would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    PS. Never actually posed for pictures so have no idea which I am suppose to do or how to actually showcase.
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