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    Need some guidance on workouts+meals


    I am a 21 year old female who has gotten into exercise about 1.5 years ago. I began trying to get into shape about a year ago using F45 (intense group training gym) and found it really worked for me. Now trying to transition into using a local gym myself for the past ~2 months, I've found my fat % has stayed about the same as when I joined (~21%). I'm happy with how I look right now but hoping to lose a bit more weight and am finding it hard to find a good routine. Please let me know what you would recommend incorporating into my exercise!

    Here is my usual routine:
    Day 1: 5 min running ~6-6.6mph to warm up. 4x10 squat rack; 4x10 leg press; 4x10 prone leg curl; 4x10 glute kickback; reverse lunge and squats with free weights.
    Day 2: 5 min running; 4x10 chest press; 4x10 bicep curl; 4x10 tricep dips; 4x10 dumbbell overhead press.
    Day 3: 5 min running; 4x10 lat pull down; 4x10 bent over barbell row; 4x10 seated row.
    Day 4: usually some combo of 10 min run; crunch machine; some ab exercises????

    Overall finding the intensity of exercising alone to be much lower and hoping to work a bit harder somehow. In terms of diet I don't follow a specific diet regimen but try to stick with mostly protein (eggs, chicken, salmon, turkey) plus some kind of salad for most meals.
    Thanks in advance!
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