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    Starting "Rise and Grind" Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow I will be starting Rise and Grind program created by Marc Megna and Vernon Davis and was wondering if anyone else was starting tomorrow or would like to create a accountability group. Below I will leave some information on me and some of the supplements I will be using during the 6 weeks. If interested please introduce yourself and share some information about yourself!

    5'9 235lbs 18% BF
    Goal: 5'9 208 lbs 8% BF

    Supplement Stack:
    Muscle Tech:
    Gold Whey Protein
    Amino Next Gen
    Cell Tech
    Nano X9
    If you aint aim to high then you aimed to low ~J.Cole~
    Irvin Hunt III
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    Hi there.. I started this week 2-13-17.. Just wondering how your program went.. I feel like it's a bit much to eat throughout the day, however, I know my body needs it to build.. I am a BEGINNER when it comes to fitness, so I'm learning a lot
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    workout review

    Hi there,
    I was hoping you could let me know if the rise and grind program was useful or not .
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    What’s up guys. I am sorry to bring back a thread from the grave but I couldn’t find any other threads about rise and grind. I did the program back when I was at a job where we had a gym at the office and I did it every day at 2pm. Since it was the middle of the work day I didn’t train very hard to be completely honest. Also I had BJJ in the evenings twice a week so I held back because of that. But here’s what I think about the program

    - Perfect design for most people because it can be completed in under an hour and doesn’t hog multiple pieces of equipment for giant sets.

    - every exercise is one machine at a time so you can stay inconspicuous at the gym which I like

    - it’s a bodybuilding split routine which was a very nice change of pace since I did StrongLifts 5x5 for literally years (total waste of time after 9 months on this program FYI).

    - it gives every body area a week to rest which is only good IF you actually train HARD. Like I said it’s only around 4-5 exercises per day so you need to actually get the weights and reps at an appropriate range so you train to failure or near failure on every set. It doesn’t work if you’re not training til you feel the burn. I know because I went light and didn’t get enough gains that I would nowadays expect. At the time I did this though I was more just enjoying moving my body around in the work day. I wasn’t training for gains.

    That being said yes you absolutely can get in great shape if you use this program. My advice is to warm up for 15-20 minutes on a cardio machine first, and then do stretching and some crunches, before starting your workout.

    I know that sounds like a lot but you’ll be a lot more amped up to train hard once you have a sweat going than if you hit the weights cold. You will be using the weights to warm up when you should already be warmed up and stretched before touching the iron.

    Also if you adjust the weights so that you reach failure at the intended rep range then you will totally get a benefit from this program. If you go too light OR too heavy and compensate with unintended muscles for an exercise it will not work. You’ll get a workout but it won’t be great. To be great you should focus on contracting the exact muscle group at the appropriate weight. Don’t ego lift. Sometimes I have to pick up the little 10 pound weights and grimace using a girly weight because I blasted a body part so hard already that even lifting 10 pounds takes everything I have. That’s how you should lift on this program imho.

    Some down sides of this program:

    1. You only train major areas once a week namely chest press and legs. This isn’t enough stimulation for areas that are more stubborn to grow and get definition. If you are a beginner though this shouldn’t matter if you train that body part to full exhaustion. But you only bench press once a week, for example.

    2. It doesn’t mandate cardio for warming up if I’m remembering correctly. I think you should definitely warm up otherwise it’s too easy to just dial it in.

    3. Leg day is on a Friday when you’re most tired. Meaning either A) you’ll skip it or B) you’ll dial it in because you’re tired and sore from working hard all week.

    Leg day should be on Monday because your legs are the most muscular part of the body when you consider that you will also need your back to do squats. Legs are the most mentally and physically demanding body part to work because they can handle so much punishment because they’re the largest muscles and you walk on them every day your whole life. So I think putting them on a Friday sets up the gym goer to dial this in. Given a choice I’ll do legs on my Monday just so that I give them my full energy and focus and do a truly brutal leg workout. Chest is not such a big and complex muscle group that it really needs to be on a Monday. Chest is much smaller a muscle group and therefore much quicker to train completely. It would be like putting forearms on a Monday. It doesn’t make sense.

    Last downside: increasing weight on the last set. This doesn’t make sense because you should’ve already been training every prior set to failure. Your muscles should be tired from this exercise already and you should be struggling or unable to complete the set in good form at the initially chosen weight anyway. So increasing the weight means one of two things. Either A) you weren’t doing the previous sets hard enough so you had gas left in the tank or B) you’re totally compensating form and using your back etc because it’s too heavy. So instead I think you should choose the CORRECT WEIGHT at the beginning and train every set to failure. It will take time to learn what that weight is though. Sometimes I won’t know til a couple weeks of doing an exercise what’s a good weight for me.

    Overall though I think it’s a really great practical program that anyone can do. And if you make some adjustments for your own preferences you can do that too. Like I will put legs on Monday and move everything up one day.
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