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    Blood test high creatinine and low eGFR

    Hi all,

    I did some research on this topic already. I’m 6’ 2” and my results are below -

    Crea 1.45 GFR 64 April 97kg BW (dehydr, high protein)
    Crea 1.35 GFR 72 April 97kg BW (hydr, low protein)
    Crea 1.28 GFR 77 April 97kg BW (hydr, low protein)
    Crea 1.17 GFR 86 July 94kg BW (hydr, normal protein)
    Crea 1.29 GFR 76 Oct 90kg BW (hydr, low protein)

    All done in space of 6 months.

    Last creatinine was 1.29. I didn’t work out for a week before the test and did it after one glass of water - same as all previous except the very first one, which isn’t probably accurate because of that.

    Anyone experienced this? Any input would be great.
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