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    Pinched nerve or Herniated disc???? Squats ended me!!

    Hi Guys.

    Sucks that my first thread is based around an injury but here goes..

    This morning I did a decent warm up on quads, hamstring lower back and hip flexers.

    SQAUTS :
    Set 1= 80Kgs x 8 reps
    Set 2 = 110Kgs x 1 rep (felt uncomfortable so stretched a little more before continuing)

    after stretching for another 5 minutes and doing air squats (no weights) I decided to try and go again..

    110kgs resting on my rear deltoids comfortably I lower down for a squatting focusing on my form (as usual) when I get to my deep squat position I felt a sharp pain in my lower back around my L2 & back locked up but silly enough I didn't want to drop the weight so I pushed through it and put the weight on the rack.. dropping down to my knees with excruciating pain I remain on the floor for about 30 seconds and any movement whatsoever caused the worlds most horrific pain in my back as if someone is is doing a lumbar punch/spinal tap in my L3 & L2..

    Injury history : when I was 15 I did fracture my coccyx in 3 places and fractured my L3 & L2 but rehabilitation was done on this for about 9 months from a qualified physiotherapist..

    what do you guys think I should do as I am lying in bed in extreme pain I cannot go to the doctor as I have no Medical Aid and it's just far too expensive right now...

    should I rest for a couple days or jump into doing some stretches and slowly do rehab on my back again??

    side note: 110kg is not that heavy for me as my PR is 170kg..
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