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    Smile Semi-Beginner, please review my program!

    Hello BB world! I am Darko, 29 yo, 70kg, 176 cm height.

    I was going to the gym a couple of years ago pretty aimlessly, and now after I finally settled down, I started the gym again. Going for 2 months now and at first, I hired a "trainer" to help me create the program, so ever since I am sticking to it. I am eating clean ( I believe! ) and training 3 times a week, sometimes 4. Mostly 3.
    Before starting the gym, I was eating approx.1500 - 1800 kcal per day. Every week I would add between 100-200 calories, and now I am at 2500 per day, and finally see some weight gain. I started with 67kg.

    I will write my program together with the questions and concerns I have, hoping someone can help! I am doing fine and strongly believe my form is good so I am not in pain or injuring myself. I just want to clarify some things and maybe tweak a program if needed.

    So, as I can go to the gym 3 times per week, my advisor advised me to do whole-body training every time. Always the same, at least for a couple of months.

    Worth mentioning is that I have slight scoliosis towards right side, between a 4-5% C curve. I had an exercise program for that from a physiotherapist, and did that for a year and it didn't help with the back pain. Now, when I am active at the gym, I don't have pain anymore! I hope it stays like that!

    -I start with a light warm-up, rowing machine or bicycle. 5-8 min.
    -stretch 10ish min.

    -Stiff legged deadlift 3x15 16kg. started with 8kg. Lower back feels good, looks good, hamstrings too.
    -Lunges 3x15 one leg and 3x15 other, 8kg per hand, so 16 kg weight. I did notice more strength and progressed with weight. But after some time I started fewer sets as it was getting very difficult and not so easy on my knees. Now I combine with leg press, leg curl and calf raises. Should I go back to lunges and do fewer sets or do machines?
    -Squats started with 20kg bar, now at 30kg, but barely can do the last set of 15! Squats are my least favorite exercise, but as I understand how important it is, I keep doing it. Not sure are there some good alternatives?

    -Abs/core : - 1 min leg raises. 1 min side crunches, 1 min planking. I started with that, now I do 2 sets of abs but barely can do a minute! This is where I progressed the least! But at the same time, my planking went from barely 30 sec to 2 min easily. So looks like abs are working as well, I just don't feel it when doing them! I am confused here.

    -Chest press 3x15, 37kg now, started at 20kg, and here I feel I can do more, but I also never feel the pain in my chest! So I am doing something wrong here!
    I added Peck Deck just now, this week.
    -Lat Pulldown 3x15, now at 27kg, Here I have problem with the grip, my hands hurt like hell, makes my exercise very stressful that I usually can't do the last set of 15.
    -Seated Row 3x15, 27kg, my favorite personally, but also struggling with this weight for a long time now. Slow progress. Just to mention, I didn't move up weights just so I can lift more all of these exercises I would max out at the lower weight.
    -Bicep curls to overhead press, 2x 8 reps or as max as I can, 7kg each hand.
    -Bicep rope curls with splitting my hands at the top (don't know the name of that technique) 3x max usually 8reps 30kg
    -Tricep rope pulldown 3x 8-10, 30kg. or Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extension same reps, 7kg dumbbell.

    Cardio 20-25 min Cycling most of the time.
    In total I spend in gym 2 - 2.5 hours.

    Is it too much all this? Is it not enough for some body parts?
    Any suggestions are welcome!!

    My goals are to put up some weight, mostly muscle mass of course. Mostly my arms, chest and to have strong back because of my previous pains. I know that I shouldn't neglect other body parts, and I am not, just my legs are for example strong my whole life because of football, and I have a wide back because of swimming. My genetics is ok, I am fit, just have a bit belly fat.
    I am as I said eating 2500kcal per day, 140gr protein min, fats and carbs ratio, for now, I do not count. But I eat good carbs and good fats.

    I can put some pictures later, now I don't have them in this computer.

    I would like to get some advice, in case I do something wrong, better to change it now rather than one, two years into training

    Have a nice day all!
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