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    Requesting advice on my workout.

    I want to say thanks first off to anyone who helps me out here. Brand new just signed up today. Have been working out for 7 months now and I have made progress that I'm pretty stoked about although it would be nice to get stronger faster if possible I feel like there's some moves I'm good at and some I'm just weak and can't really go up much on them very fast. I do a push/abs&legs/pull split working out 6 days out of every 8 basically and alternating weeks by strength/hypertrophy. Hoping to get some feedback on if I'm doing ok/too much/too little. My rep ranges change according to strenght or hypertrophy week. Also on my strength weeks i drop the spider curls and incline curls and do wide grip and close grip barbell curls instead 3 sets of each. On triceps I do close grip bench and dips until failure. Compound movements are always 4 sets and accessories are always 3 sets. 3-6 reps on strength week and 8-12 on hypertrophy.

    Day1- Incline press , flat press, both ss with cable flys, (found this chest workout on athleanx) DB OH press, cable OH extensions, cable pushdowns and bodyweight bench dips until failure

    Day2- Ab Pull downs, cable wood choppers, weighted leg raises, squats, lunges, calf raises

    Day3- machine rows, Lat pull downs, Shrugs, rear delt pullbacks, lateral delt raise, spider curls, Incline curls


    Day5- Decline press, flat press ss with cable flys, DB OH press, cable OH extensions, cable push downs

    Day6- Ab Pull downs, cable wood choppers, weighted leg raises, squats, 1 legged squats, seated calf raises

    Day7- OH row, pull ups, Shrugs, machine rear delt pullback, lateral delt raise, spider curl, Incline curl.
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