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    unknown back injury

    Hi guys, im mahmoud im 20 years old and i've been training for 2 years now,
    on last Feb this yeaar i was so slim and is started bulking in march 1st, and sadly i got injured in april 20-25 i dont exactly remember the exact date,
    anyways i was on really high volume on back day because i love back day! and i was eating really good ( 6 meals a day high carb ) as ell as mass gainer shake ( whey + banana, oat, berries etc,) so everything was just fine!
    so after that back day i woke up with normal soreness, but after the soreness was gone, i had a really strong tightness and stiffness in my lower left lat, especially when i bend, i get strong pain, when i twist also,and a lot ( really a lot ) of muscle twitch!
    i thought it was a muscle fatigue which will go after a few weeks but sadly, after my 1 week rest i did not go!
    i went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with muscle cramps and spasm, and he said that i have to do 5 sessions of physical therapy with ultrasound machine and i had muscle relaxant medicines like ( mydocalm - Arcoxia - fastum gel ), and after my 5 sessions of ultrasound therapy and heat therapy as well as some stretching exercises at home, i only had a little improvements like the pain was a littlebit reduced , muscle twitch reduced, tightness reduces but sometimes i wake up with even worse tightness and stiffness , but the main pain when i twist or bend was not gone at all!
    after that my doctor said its supposed to be good now, because the muscle seems to be relaxed, when i said no he said its strain grade 2, and you need another 5 sessions, i was like no way! it didn't work and they don't have other than that ultrasound machine, i went to another doctor after 4 months ( no back training ) , he said its tendon strain, and it might be permanent injury, but all you have to do is to wait until it goes away, no medicine needed and maybe shockwave help ( a little ) , now its been 3 months since i saw that doctor, now i really don't feel tightness or stiffness when i bend like before, but i feel twitch, pain when i sit long times on the chair and when i suddenly move i feel a little pain for a moment, but i dont really know if i should train or look for another doctor, i really don't know, im so sorry for making this long but im very disappointed, i cant train back because of my anxiety!

    P.S i didnt feel anything wrong during the workout, only after 2 days realized that im injured , mostly its from the bent over dumbbell row, because i lifted 110 pound dumbbel 50kg in each hand and it was my first time
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