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    Bench slow progress need help

    I’m 16 years old and weigh 160lbs I have been lifting for two years, I train for strength and astethics focusing on strength in the big 3 and hypertrophy for Accessory/isolation work.

    I have made good progress so far

    185kg/405 deadlift

    145kg/320 squat

    And 100kg /225 bench

    My bench doesn’t seem bad compared to the other two, but keep in mind I skipped legs and only benched for my first year of lifting (so I’ve been benching for 2 years and squatting and deadlifting for 1 year) My bench has only gone up 15 kg in the last year as my deadlift has gone up 50 kg and my squat is progressing well.
    Do you have any advise to help with bench, like what working sets variations of bench technique ect to help break my plateau any advice is appreciated thanks.
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    What are you doing currently for your bench? That will help me help you more.
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