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    Smile Bulking 19yo Introduction

    Hey all, I've looked at these forums over the years but never made an account. Finally got around to it, so I thought I might as well post something here.
    I'm currently 19yo, been doing calisthenics off and on since 16yo and started going to the gym and weight training in April of this year.
    When I was 16 and doing calisthenics, I was roughly 130lbs and my guess 15%BF. Over time I got up to 145lbs by the time I started hitting the gym earlier this year.
    Now, after 7mo or so, I've gained about 15lbs, putting me at 160lbs and 12%BF.
    I'm going to keep clean bulking until I'm at 175lbs, then I'm going to try to cut my BF to 10%.
    Just my journey so far, thought it'd be a decent way to introduce.
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