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    Hello Community! My Goals and Plans - new to BB, tips and opinions appreciated

    Hey everyone!

    I'm 24 years old, now finally getting into bodybuilding, after lurking for some years.

    Before 2 years ago, I had never worked out in my life. I used to weigh around 60kg at 181cm, with no visible muscle whatsoever.
    Then I got into calisthenics, and i started to eat up - 2 years later, I was at 74kg and had developed some good upper body strength (Did my first muscle up!) and some muscle around there. But, of course, no legs whatsoever (because why would I want to pull up heavier legs to the bar ). I only trained with bodyweight, progressing by making exercises harder and adding reps... over the last few months, I dieted back down to 67kg, to a point where I could ALMOST see a six pack (sadly, my abs aren't very developed and apparently my stomach fat leaves me last )...

    Now, I kind of fell out of love with calisthenics, and I wanna get into weight training and really bulk up, develop my legs and just be more bulky in general.

    Right now, my stats are:
    24 years
    Probably around 12% bodyfat (feel free to estimate, I didn't measure)

    You can see my status quo in the attached images.

    Now, my goal is to build as much muscle as possible in the following months, and I don't mind getting a bit of fat with it (bear mode? maybe not quite, but I wanna look muscular when fully clothed!) - So I was thinking aiming for 80kg or 85kg before cutting or maintaining. What do you think would be a good goal?

    My maintenance used to be around 2050kcal for maintenance, I was at 1700 when I cut down, Now I shot it back up to 2800, but I'm mostly just making sure I get at least 110g of protein per day - often 2500kcal are enough to do that. Should I aim for even more protein?

    I've been going to the gym for 2 weeks now, every monday, wednesday and friday, and I've been following the "Fierce 5" workout plan from the forums - albeit slightly modified.

    I moved the pendlay rows more towards the end of the workout, because my legs would be a bottleneck just holding the position for the lift (they are really, really weak XD)

    Also I'm usually doing 2 sets of leg raises no matter if A or B workout, and I like to add some more bicep stuff as well, because I feel like my biceps are really a weak point of mine, and I dont find the program to tough yet.
    This week, I added more weight than planned on most exertcises, because they just seemed to easy after getting used to the basic execution.
    These are my values from this week:

    Workout A:

    Squat 3x5, 45kg
    Face Pulls 3x10, 65lbs
    Bench Press 3x5, 37.5kg
    Pendlay Row 3x9, 25kg
    Calf Raise 2x15, 25kg
    Tricep Pressdown 2x10, 80lbs

    Workout B:

    Front Squat 3x5, 30kg
    OHP 3x5 30kg
    Romanian Deadlift 3x8, 40kg
    Lat Pulldowns 3x8, 100lbs
    Leg Raises 2x15, 2.5kg
    Bicep Curls 2x10 Dumbbells 7.5kg each

    I know most of those are probably completely ridiculous numbers, but hey! Especially for legs there is lots of potential to grow

    Anyway, I hope I can smash some PBs, stay disciplined and learn a lot of new stuff, especially here in the forum!
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