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    Hot Dog ingredients Keto friendly?

    I know Hot Dog is not a healthy choice, but I do enjoy it from time to time. I cant find the good ingredient organic Hot Dogs where I live. The ingredients I have says it includes Potato Starch, Potato Fiber, and Glucose Syrup. Some other ones I found also says sugar! So is it okay to eat these or no?
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    Hebrew National All Natural Beef Franks don't have any sweeteners or fillers and 2g carb per sausage. There are a lot of other franks made with all meat with only seasonings, some are cured others are uncured. I've found some of the uncured franks very acceptable. Can't say much about organic franks since I eat organic when it is available, but don't worry about it much. If you are really willing to go all out, a local meat market likely has a variety of all meat sausages but prices can be premium for locally made products.
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