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    around 147, 5'11

    i'm definitely too skinny. on an upward trajectory right now, as disciplined with calorie loading as I have ever been. Eating pizza and fast food (one or the other every day) with a solid multivitamin and some kre alkyline. Lifetime natty. Age 25 been lifting for about 5 years consistently but have undone great amounts of progress through abuse of Adderall. 14 weeks clean off adderall. 14 weeks ago I was 137 lbs and could only bench 185x2 because of how malnourished and unconditioned I was, having taken 3 months off lifting. I am back up to 146-149 depending on the day(only a pound or two shy of my heaviest bw), and about equally strong as I've ever been. I've been taking everything a lotmore seriously in my training/motivation/nutrition. I mainly train for strength. I know I still have a lot of work to do. This is what I look like. (just realized no leg pic but i assure you they are proportionately skinny and squat is not one of my weaker lifts.)

    pics in form of attachment since i cant post links
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