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Thread: Road to Swole

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    Road to Swole

    I am 16 years old 5'4/5'5 weighing 60KG, I have been lifting since February, originally weighing around 52KG. I am beginning this work out log as a means to receive advice and self motivation to complete my goals for summer 2020

    Current Stats

    Pull ups: 6-8 reps/set (bodyweight)
    Chin ups 8-10 reps/set (bodyweight)
    Bench press 4-6reps/60kg
    Bicep curls 6-8 reps 12.5kg

    I currently do not have a solid workout plan but my focus is to drop body fat significantly in the coming months as well as put on small-moderate amounts of muscle mass with a push pull legs split. Am also doing Alternative day fasting.

    Will post log updates every day or every other day
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