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    Cut or Bulk 6'2'' 180 lbs

    Hello all,

    I am completely new to fitness and weight training. I am 32 years old and 6' 2''. I have been cutting for 6 weeks and have gone from 186 lbs to 180 lbs. I'm eating 35% carbs, 35% protein and 30% fat and doing bodyweight exercises and dumbbell work 2-3 times per week. I have calculated my body fat at around 18%. My scale (for what it's worth) says 16.5%. I'm not trying to become a bodybuilder. Just want that lean physique most people consider a beach body. I was thinking of cutting down to 170 lbs (which would put me at around 13% body fat) by January/February and then do a clean bulk.

    A few questions:
    -Does 18% body fat seem right?
    -Does cutting another 10 lbs make sense?
    -Is my summer goal picture reasonable? ... assuming I cut to 170 lbs by January/early February, and then clean bulk over the next five/six months with progressively difficult bodyweight and dumbbell exercises and a pull up bar? I like to exercise at home and this is the equipment available to me.
    -Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance to everyone taking the time to help me out.
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