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    Lumbar Strain question

    Hey all!

    Knock on wood, I haven't had a solid injury in ~5 years. But Thursday morning I threw out my back — a culmination of fatigued muscles, overreaching, and a 75 degree temperature change (classic Colorado fall). I went to grab something in the morning, spasm, and I was down on the ground. In my years of athleticism I've had a lot of injuries, but I'm a former professional cyclist/endurance athlete but started changing it up and lifting in the last couple years. So, the protocol is totally different.

    I just need some guidance on what I *can* do and how to be smart without making it worse. I have done the stairclimber, lots of walking, and some planks. My chiro said no bending, twisting, or lifting for 2-3 weeks but did say after a few days if I'm feeling ok I could incorporate some strength exercises.

    Ultimately, I'm not training for anything right now so just maintaining my baseline and not gaining any weight are the only things I really care about. What would you do to ensure proper recovery (ie: how much rest) with staying active? And what does "staying active" look like for you?

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