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    Lee's body recompostion

    Making this thread to track my progress.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

    I am a 23 year old male, 6'1 tall, and currently weigh approx 370 lbs.
    Although severely overweight, my body holds mass tight for the most part (athletic build).
    Former athlete and construction worker, so I have a base of strength and flexibility.

    I was 300 Lbs on my 21st birthday, in the past 2 1/2 years, drinking alcohol socially and not having a strict diet caused my body weight to increase to a massive 410 lbs!
    I was at that weight for 6 months. That weight caused massive stress to my cardiovascular system. I would have heart palpitations and chest pains. Massive headaches.

    The third week of August 2019 is when I started training (7 weeks ago at the time of writing this). I went from 410 lbs to 370 lbs in 6 weeks (40 lbs weight loss).
    2 weeks into my training, I started going through a breakup which helped my dieting as the nerves of the situation make it hard to eat; all while still continuing to train.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Body Weight-
    Short team weight goal is to weigh 300 lbs by New Years Day Friday, January 1st 2020. 86 days out
    My overall goal weight is to weigh 235 lbs by the first day of next summer Saturday, June 20th 2020. 257 days out

    Strength - Short term
    315 lbs Bench Press for 1, current max is 275
    495 lbs barbell squat for 1, current max is 405.
    495 lbs deadlift for 1, current max is 405.

    Don't have long term strength goals really, since I just want to cut down a lot of weight.
    I feel like my goals for strength are a pretty good base and will be a nice starting point when I reach my goal body weight.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________

    I go to the gym at least 5-7 times a week, sometimes twice a day (if there is a second workout it is solo & just for a pump and sometimes cardio). I workout each body part individually, in a high intensity interval training method. Minimal cardio (once a week, maybe).

    Current Workout Plan:

    I use %50-80 percent of my one rep maximum to achieve 12 - 15 rep range, progressively increasing resistance each set.
    My first workout I go through each set with a partner, as soon as my partner is done with their set, I start my next set. Occasionally stopping to get a drink from a water fountain ( approx 2 min brake).
    This high intensity pace leads me to be out of breath, sweating, and have an increased heart rate.

    Day 1: Shoulders

    5 x 5 Standing overhead press
    5 x 12 Iso shoulder press (progressive weight increase from 135 to 225 to 315 for 3 sets)
    5 x 12 seated dumbbell shoulder press (progressive weight increase from 25 lbs dumbbells to 45 lbs)
    5 x 12-15 Rear Dealt Raises
    5 x 12-15 Rear Dealt Flys (reverse of a pec fly idk exact name)
    5 x 12 Front dumbbell raises

    Day 2: Arms

    5 x 12 Cable tricep extensions
    5 x 12 Cable tricep pushdowns
    5 x 12 Close-grip bench press
    5 x 12 Iso tricep extension
    5 x 12 Iso tricep pushdown
    5 x 12 Standing overhead tricep extensions (with curl bar)
    5 x 12 Alternating Dumbbell Curl
    5 x 12 Curl Bar Curl
    5 x 12 Cable Curl
    5 x 12 Iso Preacher curl
    5 x 12 Single arm Iso Curl
    5 x 12 Forearm Curls

    Day 3: Back

    5 x 12 Bent over Barbell rows
    5 x 12 Iso Highrow
    5 x 12 Cable Lat Pull downs
    5 x 12 Dumbbell rows (I lay on incline bench facing the floor to take away any momentum help)

    Day 4: Chest

    5 x 12 Bench Press
    5 x 12 Incline Bench Press
    5 x 12 Iso Decline bench press
    5 x 12 Pec Flys
    5 x 12 Machine chest Press

    Day 5: Legs

    5 x 20 Plate load Sled
    5 x 12 Leg extensions
    5 x 12 Leg Curls
    5 x 12 Calf raises
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
    Current Diet:

    Before my breakup I was sticking to eating chicken, broccoli, and rice with a cheat meal hear or there. I was using creatine and whey protein as well.
    After my breakup about 2 weeks into training, I could not eat for days at a time, and when I did eat It was minimal. Now 3 or 4 weeks later my appetite is slowly coming back.
    I stick to eating a meal once a day (whatever I want) and the rest of the day if I get hungry I'll eat something sweet to curb my appetite.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________________
    My workout plan moving into week 8

    Moving into week 8 and beyond I plan to stick to my high intensity, bodybuilding style workouts. They get my heart rate going, produce good muscle fatigue & pump, and leave me feeling satisfied post workout.

    I am definitely going to start doing 2-a-days no matter what, using my second workout out as a quick pump session leading into varying amounts of cardio.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________
    My Diet moving into week 8

    Moving into week 8 of training is now also where I'm going to incorporate a real meal plan. Getting in my macros should help with fatigue and muscle building.

    Meal Plan

    Meal 1 (pre workout)

    Protein shake
    400 calories
    60g protein
    16g carbs
    6g Fats

    Meal 2 (post workout)

    100g of chicken & 50g of Brocoli
    175 calories
    31 g protein
    4g carbs
    0.2g fats

    Meal 3

    100g of chicken & 50g of Brocoli
    175 calories
    31 g protein
    4g carbs
    0.2g fats

    Meal 4

    100g of chicken & 50g of Brocoli
    175 calories
    31 g protein
    4g carbs
    0.2g fats

    Meal 5 (preworkout & cardio)

    100g of chicken 1 cup of rice

    380 calories
    34 g protein
    45g carbs
    0.4g fats

    Meal 6 (post workout)

    Protein shake
    400 calories
    60g protein
    16g carbs
    6g Fats

    Totals : 1,705 calories
    247g protein
    89g carbs
    13g Fats
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________
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