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    Motivation to get started

    Hey everyone, I have just started working out. My goal is to lose weight, get strong and eventually have a physique to be proud of. I’m 6’2, 285lb. 30% body fat. I just got a power cage and Olympic weight set (300lb). I started out extremely weak for my size (built like power lifter, broad shoulders, stocky). I started my workout two weeks ago. Doing a 5x5 set/rep workout. Bench press at 95lb, squat 95lb, Deadlift 95lb. Mostly the low weight was for learning how to lift safely. In two weeks time, I am now at BP 135lb, Squat 125lb, DL 205lb. Doing the big three has helped build my confidence greatly! It feels good watching the weight climb up! I plan to add about 5lb each workout to each individual lift. If anyone needs motivation for getting started, just know the initial weight does not matter. Proper technique, and winning small incremental goals each week will keep you motivated! I don’t plan on ever seeing an 95lb bench press in my life! Happy lifting everyone!
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