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    Repeat Shoulder Dislocations

    I can't go back to the orthopedic surgeon I've seen twice in good faith for this because I refuse to go for a third surgery. The past two Decembers I've had arthroscopic labral repairs on my right shoulder. First one went great but it fully dislocated again playing hockey so I went for round two this past December. Rehab went well but I noticed stretching upwards caused it to partially dislocate so I stopped trying to stretch that way and things have been fine for well over six months now. Also invested in a brace to make myself more aware of my body position but it popped out partially again two days ago and a bit more severely than the last time. It's about the size of a softball right now and I'm hoping it resolves in the next two days or so with ice and NSAIDs. Thoughts on any exercises that might help prevent this from continuing? This started with a full anterior dislocation in the military three years ago and it's been unstable ever since...I'm concerned because this last one was partial but also posterior instead of anterior like it usually is.
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