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    Cool Want to try Keto but crazy metabolism

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve spent the last year or so bulking like crazy. I have an insanely fast metabolism and the only thing I’ve found to work for me, is eating like nuts. I’m 5’10”, 175 (started at 155 and got up to 185). Of course I packed on a bit of fat with that weight but feel like I def look better.

    I’ve been hearing great things about Keto and track my macro and daily cals. But a huuuuge component of those calories are carbs. I can’t even imagine how I’d make my daily intake if I were to shift towards all fat/protein. I’d have to be eating spoonfuls of almond butter.

    How can someone who requires high cal intake still do Keto? Basically I want to shred the layer of fat I’ve accumulated and then do another bulk.

    Any other hard gainers find that Keto works for them? What sort of foods you eat to provide high cals, but low carbs?


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    Why exactly do you want to cut with keto?

    I'm a big advocate of the keto diet for calorie adherence, but in your case it doesn't sound like something you need to do. Why not just lower your caloric intake while including carbohydrate? If you already require a large amount of calories it should be pretty easy.
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    I didn't want to just write.
    Well, if you're interested look!
    Keto diet is a high amount of fat, protein crop and even more of coal.
    When recruiting. Fat need protein 1.1 to about 2 and the rest of the coals.
    With regard to coal.I honestly have not delved much into all these diets - I think this is crap (personal opinion) So coals on keto you have to cut something around 30-50. But the fact that the brain operates on 75 (some less) if You cut carbs, they are still in first place will go to the brain! Body ****. "75 gr is a daily requirement for glucose in brain (or rather brain needs about 100 grams of glucose per day, but he receives 75 grams of glucose obtained from carbohydrates or proteins (in short supply of carbohydrates), and the missing part, he will receive from the glucose formed with the participation of glycerol) .. he'll take it where it hadn't took incoming carbohydrate proteins, muscle tissue)" moreover, of glycogen You will not have to workout. So You will slow down with so much coal! Plus or rather minus, even normally can not do exercises!
    Open the textbook of physiology and view processes. Stop watching "professionals" from YouTube!
    And I haven't even touched women a lot depends on what phase she started her action.

    "Also examines the influence of menstrual cycle on energy expenditure (this brings us back to increased body temperature). The main growth of energy consumption occurs during the luteal phase (when the hunger grows) with increasing to 2.5-11.5%. (Human studies generally confirm the increasing demand in energy consumption during the luteal phase and lower consumption during the follicular phase; scientists estimate that an increase in food intake generally increases by 90-500 calories a day.)"

    So in a nutshell:
    You either lose weight compensate the loss of protein from muscle to the max protein intake from the outside, but still lose. Or gaining muscle with fat! But without coal it is unlikely to succeed! You can do a little smarter and do a two - or three-week swing. Ie a surplus, then a deficit! But the girls are included but a few! You can go to "borders" with minimal fat gains, but without it is not possible! Therefore, Your questions....

    But that would be to paint it should be a very, very long time and a lot of text!
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