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    Post Good numbers for 60kg lifter

    Im 19 been lifting for a couple years inconsistently

    Was wondering what good numbers for (1RM) on a couple lifts should be for someone around my weight.
    I dont really bench cos i have uneven arms although im gonna try it out again but I can currently bench my bodyweight for 5 reps, havent tried a 1rm but I doubt its much higher.

    I usually do slight incline db press for6-8 reps with 25kg each hand

    Dont rly dead either but I tried the hex bar dead one time and got to 110kg

    Db press is at 20kg for 4 reps

    Landmine row at 45degrees abv parallel to the floor, I do 60kg(with 10kg plates, not inc the bar) for 5 reps

    Weighted Chins (full ROM) +20kg, i do 2 sets of 10 (although usually get 9,8 reps on the second set)

    Curl 17.5kg for 5 reps each arm (with right being able to squeeze out 1,2 extra reps)

    Most triceps are worked on the cables so who knows what weight im actually usin.

    You can include numbers for these exercises and other ones not mentioned, id like to try them out and compare.
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