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    help me lose weight

    hi everyone i joined this website to lose weight im 16 years old weigh 81kg and 170cm tall, so for the 2 last months or so i ran about 4km every 4-5 days then stopped for a while because i went to summer school and i lost about 16kg, its just that now i have lost my belly fat and its looking better but my thighs and butt still have a lot of fat i walk 6km 5 days a week and finish those 6km in an hour its just that my thighs and butt still have a lot of fat and im not losing that fat like my belly its has not changed much before i started exercising can someone recommend some exercises to help me lose my butt and thigh fat and i dont want build muscles under my fat so the exercises should burn my fat but not build my muscles thank you
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