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    Struggling to activate/build my dormant right pec?

    Hey this is my first post here. I am new to mass building. In fact, I'm not that really that intense with it. I use working out as a form of therapy and I love seeing results on my body as they motivate me and help boost my confidence. But I started going to the gym when I was in my 2nd year of University. Since then, I've been trying to be consistent in my exercises, and am happy to say I am the most fit I have ever been in my whole life! However, there is still a long way to go and there's this really annoying thing about my right pec that I've been trying to research & work on for months now.

    I not sure if this was the main factor that resulted in this imbalance, but I once fell in a sprint race. I rolled on my right shoulder and I damaged my rotator cuff. I had that chronic injury for about a year and a half like a dumbass. I figured as soon as the pain went away it was fine. Thought it was just a sprain. But overtime, I noticed that my right pec wasn't getting activated at all, and only my left pec was feeling activated and sore the next day, etc. This was driving me nuts!

    I decided to go to a chiropractor, and then a physiotherapist. I came to the conclusion that i damaged my rotator cuff and that it did not heal properly since I kept going to the gym as soon as the pain went away that time. Anyways, I finished physio for 6 weeks, they broke the scar and we focused on letting it re-heal properly. According to physio, my rotator cuff is fine now. Just needs strengthening, as I've been working on. But my right shoulder makes alot of clicking noises. when I internally rotate my shoulder it makes a click noise, as if it's being pushed over some type of bone wall or something. It's really weird and sometimes this makes my range of motion when performing certain exercises weird, even to this day.

    It's been months now, and I've made a little progress in developing my mind muscle connection with my right pec. But my right pec has dents in it. its growing more towards the lower pec region. I'll try to demonstrate where the dents are in pictures I'll upload. I figured if I were to flex or contract my chest, it should contact all together like the left side should. But the upper region kind of has this big indent right smack in the middle of my chest, and the middle sternum region also has nothing growing there.

    My mind muscle-connection with my right outer-chest/armpit region is also weaker than my left side. Pushups really make the distinction easily detectable. The left pec gets way more activated than my right. My right pec sternum/insertion areas are not activating as well as the left. There's also a lack of growth in the midline of the pec between the upper and lower chest.

    I've been doing dumbbell presses more now, when I push to the top I tend to push up with my thumbs to contract the sternum/upper chest regions as much as I can. I find it somewhat effective, but still very slow.

    I know that perfect symmetry is impossible and genetics plays a large role in this type of stuff. But it's not like I'm lacking the muscle there. The muscle and insertions are there! It's just not growing???

    I'm uploading some pictures of my chest. I used my DSLR to make sure it's not blurry haha. You should be able to notice that my left pec is so well rounded, but my right pec looks so uneven like it has slopes or something. Please give me your feedback on how I can make this better. It's been almost a year of me trying to fix this problem. I'm still lifting and I have been getting stronger. My right arm (I'm left dominant), is bigger than my left arm because of all the isolation exercises I've been trying. It's such a frustrating thing, and I'm stuck on how I can fix this unevenness as soon as possible.
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