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    How is this workout log looking?

    I play basketball and I’m trying to get my vert up before the season. Is this leg workout enough? Tell me any flaws. Don’t worry about pylos I got that just worry about my strength workouts

    Tuesday: Regular squats 3x8-12
    Leg press 3x8-12
    Romanian DL 3x8-12
    Lunges 3x8-12
    Hyperextensions 3x8-12
    Calf’s 4x12

    Friday: Bulgarian split squats 3x8-12
    Leg Extensions 3x8-12
    Romanian DL 3x8-12
    Calf’s 4x12
    Hyperextensions 3x8-12
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    This is a pretty solid 2 day a week leg program honestly but are you doing other training the rest of the week then? I don't see why you wouldn't add some upper body in there too
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