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    Smile Handicapped and looking for help

    Hi Im not sure if I'm posting this in the right section at all but I thought I would try here. I'm Mike and I live in Canada, I am about 6'3" tall or at least I was when I could stand and walk. I suffered a major health issue in 2009 and at that time i worked out and was about 225LBS, i was fit and very active. Since my Stroke in 2009 ive had some problems and now confined to an electric wheel chair , I started to put on weight with time and was just shy of 300lbs. I started to care about my health and slowely lost weight and got down to about 274 currently. I want to find a weigh of getting back down to 200 -225 lbs like I used to weigh. Does anyone know what kind of excercise one can do from a wheelchair that will help burn off the fat that I have put on since being in m wheelchair?
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