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    Lightbulb Personal Trainer - Gym Space

    Hi there! New to BodyBuilding, frankly, to ask this question. I just didn't know where to turn to to get some help/feedback...

    I recently underwent a pretty radical wellness change over the past year that has sparked a passion for building solutions for wellness pro's.

    I had an idea recently about building a platform that found (independent) Personal Trainers flexible, affordable, on-demand space to meet/service/train their clients in, whenever they wanted it for however long they needed it and wherever they physically wanted it. Think Uber for gym space for independent PT's to train their clients in. I thought this would create more space options for PT's so they could easily have clientele in different areas of town, as well as avoid any "selling" they might have to do to gym owners.

    Since I'm far from a personal trainer myself...I wanted to know:

    Roughly what % of PT's are unaffiliated with a gym, to begin with? Common? uncommon?

    Is finding a space a big pain point?

    If yes, do you see PT's using the platform above?

    If not, what's the biggest pain point of being a PT? Is there something I can help solve?

    If not, does working out of condo gyms, for example, make this not-so-much of a problem?

    Any and all help would be absolutely incredible. I couldn't be more appreciative of your thoughtfulness!
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    Space and equipment aren't the limiting factor for PTs. A competent trainer could do a workout with a healthy beginner in a park with playground equipment. Later, they'll need their tool of choice, like a few kettlebells, or barbell and stands, etc. The gear can be had for under $1,000, which can be paid back by 1 client doing 10 sessions, or a group of 4 doing 4-6 sessions, etc. And it only takes up a few square metres.

    The limiting factor for trainers is potential clients. Anyone can buy $1,000 worth of gear and stick it in their back yard or their garage, now where do the people come from? This is why trainers pay a chunk of their session fees or weekly rental to globogyms. Because the average gym membership is 2,400 - and that average is brought down by the crossfit-style training gyms, etc, so really it's like 3,000. That's 3,000 people who are already interested in fitness. The trainer walks the gym floor, and everyone they talk to is already interested in fitness. The only question is whether they're interested enough to pay however many dollars to work with that trainer.

    Having random trainers wander in at random times with random clients brings up all sorts of liability issues. But in any case it's a solution to a non-problem. The gear and the space are the easy part. The limiting factor is the people. You should go and talk to the manager of a commercial gym.
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