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    Drinking too much Zevia... is it possible? can it affect insulin/low carb dieting?

    So this past week or so I've discovered the line of Zevia sodas, which is pretty much described as carbonated water with natural flavors that tastes like soda. For those unfamiliar with ithis product and are curious, check amazon... I tried posting the link but my post count is less than 50 so the site won't let me for now.

    To make this short, I tried em out and have been hooked. I have been drinking a ton of these throughout the past two weeks, probably too much I admit. Can there be any nutritional dangers or downfalls of consuming this much carbonated water/stevia? also from what I've heard this company now only uses stevia to sweeten their drinks (which at one point they used an erythritol blend, but now that's changed as of 2018 supposedly.) No joke, I've downed about 10 six packs these past 14 days. I used to drink flavored carbonated waters from wal-mart, but once I realized the aspartame was affecting me negatively I cut them out and have been using Zevia as my alternative... I don't miss aspartame one bit since then, it got kind of gross after a while.

    Anyways, my main questions here:

    - I know stevia is supposedly no-carb and keto safe, but can drinking too much of this natural sweetener still affect insulin levels if consumed pretty excessively?
    - the "natural flavors" can contain ingredients that may not be listed. Anyone else know more about Zevia's flavoring methods?
    - Aside from eroding tooth enamel (I'm aware of this one, as with any carbonated drink, teeth may be eroded if consumed excessively) did you experience any negative side effects from drinking a lot of Zevia?

    who else has tried this Zevia soda and what were your personal opinions/reactions to drinking it? would you think it's as safe as it claims to be in the nutrition department?

    I'd love to hear about your guys experience with this natural soda...
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