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    Post Help Regaining Motivation & Tips

    I recently lost my motivation. Cant figure out eactly why but it must be aince i injured my shoulder and I also changed my usual gym place and switched to a 24/7 gym to be "more productive" I'm less productive than ever !

    I also in a relationship and im eating much more from outsode and enjoying that extra cheat .from where i am a typical outing includes eating out, usually i try to eat as clean as possible when ordering out but since its summer im using it as an excuses to bulk up a bit and enjoy that extra meal or dessert.

    I'm not seeing any significant gains im muscle size or weight change since im varying between 64 to 66 kg on and off and my body compisition is still quite good (apart from abs as they are not visible due to bodyfat increasing)

    Hoq do you handle your lifestyle when in a relationship ? Do you still meal prep and take food out with you for lunch etc ? How has it impacted you ?

    Feedback is greatly appreciated
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