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    PMD Pump Fuel Insanity V.5

    Recently bought this preworkout at the local GNC after it was recommended by the guy there. By far the most expensive preworkout I’ve ever used and the results show it. I’m on day two of the stuff and the only problem is I have to leave the gym for class before it wears off. There’s no itchy/tingly skin but I can feel the intensity of my heartbeat. Not an elevated beat, just stronger. I’m going for higher reps on higher weight than normal and the pump is insane.
    Can’t play Xbox without feeling like I’ve Hit a mile PR 5 hours after taking it.
    Almost 0 appetite. Have to force myself to eat.

    sh*t is color of drink.

    Overall rating 10/10
    Taste 7/10
    Pump 10/10
    Focus/energy 10/10
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