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    Bad shoulder imbalance

    Hey guys, was wondering if I could get some opinions on my shoulders... I'm pretty new to lifting, it's been about 2 years maybe less. Anyways from the start I had clicking/popping shoulders. I was paranoid about it a year ago and started physical therapy, said it was crepitus/tendonitis and just gave me some stretches to do.. They insist it's not serious. However the left shoulder seemed significantly worse. They still didn't think anything of it. Well a year later after going to that physical therapist 3-4 more times..They still don't think anything is wrong. My left shoulder is significantly weaker than my right no matter what I do, I hit each one seperately I do one arm overhead db press etc, but only the right gets stronger...I don't really have any mobility issues so no one seems to think its rotator cuff related however the left one cracks/pops a lot more than the right. The thing thats really starting to scare me is the last few days when I pick up something with the OPPOSITE arm, I am getting sharp pain like where my bicep meets my clavicle on the other arm...I tried going to my doctor and getting a MRI but of course it got denied..Anyone have any ideas/suggestions? I've attached some pictures I just took to see if anything stands out to anyone, honestly it looks like something is really wrong with my left shoulder like dislocated or something but apparently my physical therapist thinks its nothing... Thanks in advance guys
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