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    Post Need some tips

    So I have been going to the gym for about 2 years now, from one chubby kid I transformed my self to a muscular beast. I want to start cutting to look shredded and actually have abs that stick out but I’m not sure if I’m doing the right exercises. I have changed my workout schedule multiple times from doing a full body workouts, to now doing a split where I work on bicep tricep and forearm on Monday, shoulders on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, chest on Thursday, and back on Friday. I’m really not sure if this way is effective, I have gotten bigger and look stronger but I’m not sure if this will be good for cutting. I need some advice for my workout plan like what I should change, how much sets and reps I should do, what I should be eating and etc. I’m am 5’6 and 140lbs if that helps. My workout plan is down below

    Bicep + tricep + forearm day

    Dumbbell curl x3
    Cable bicep curl x3
    Seated Bicep barbell curl x3

    TRX Tricep extension x3
    Cable tricep pushdown x3
    Skull crushers x3

    Forearm 3sets and 10reps
    Palms up dumbbell wrist curl over a bench
    Palms down wrist curl over a bench

    Shoulder day

    Front delt routine
    Front cable raise x3
    Front two dumbbell raise x3
    Arnold dumbbell press x4

    Middle delt routine
    Side lateral raise x3
    Upright barqbell x3
    One arm side laterals x3

    Rear delt routine
    Standing barbell press behind neck x4
    Seated bent over rear delt raise x4
    Reverse machine flyes x3

    Chest + Abs day

    Upper chest
    Incline bench dumbbell press x3
    Incline machine press x3
    Flat bench dumbbell press x3
    Pec flyx3

    Lower chest
    Decline bench barbell press x3
    Machine bench press x3
    Cable crossover low weight x3
    Parallel dip x3

    Back day

    Upper back
    Chin up x3
    Seated cable rows x3
    Dumbbell shrug x3
    Seated back extensions x3
    Lying t-bar row x3

    Lower back
    Bent over barbell row x3
    Hyperextensions x3
    Dead lift x3
    Leverage iso row x3
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