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    Routine Balance & Critique.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm after some critique on this routine if possible, I've done some research on the boards and have tried to use Davis's post on balancing exercises when deciding what to do - I've tried to get 2x pushing, 4x pulling and legs balanced 1x quads, 1x hams.

    Some background - I'm over 40 now, male, slim-ish build with a dodgy back. I've trained up until a few years ago and then had a layoff of 5-6 years and started training properly again in Feb this year. I'm not looking to add lots of power or mass, just a bit stronger & a little bigger to help with the sports I play and mostly importantly avoid injury these days. I do like the look of the Fierce 5 but there are a couple of exercises that cause me problems with old injuries so I've tried to kind of make something that fits with what I know works for me.

    I read something by Andy Baker a while back on training and I'm loosely using that and the info I got from Davis's post and I've come up with a routine using exercises that seem ok with my back. I'm aiming to train x3 per week but my work schedule is crazy - some weeks I can do x3 sessions, but there may be weeks I can only do x2 (not often) and on occasions I could even do x4.

    What I've done is loosely base my workouts on a PUSH/PULL basis with 2 workouts, ideally I'll do MON/WED/FRI and each workout will follow the last - eg MON-A/WED-B/FRI-A, MON-B/WED-A/FRI-B and so on. The 2 workouts gives me flexibility if I can get in only x2 per week, the next session will just follow the last workout. I'll add weight weekly or by workout depending on how things go.

    Keeping in mind the above I'm thinking of:-


    Barbell Bench Press 3X8
    OH Press 3X8
    DB Tri Ext 3X8
    Squats 3x8
    Calf Raise 3x12
    AB work (I know these might actually be more pull)


    Lat Pulldown or Pullups 3x8
    T Bar Row 3x8
    Face Pulls (these seem to really help my posture) 3x10
    Shrugs 3x8
    DB Curls 3x8
    Leg/Ham Curls 3x10

    The exercise order could be changed so I was doing Squats early in the workout, etc - but you get the idea.

    Any thoughts on this routine would be really appreciated Guys.

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