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    Mid workout hunger

    I’ve been seeming to hit a plateau in the gym along with an annoying mid workout hunger. About a year ago I went from 150 to 190 pounds of mostly muscle and I was pretty lean for a time. Then I gained some more muscle mass in the winter along with a fat getting up to 215 pounds still looking strong and not fat with an impressive bench and overall strength. Lately I’ve been working on losing some weight in fat and maintaining muscle mass by cutting out snacking and eating a lot before bed. My diets always clean no junk foods but still haven’t felt like
    My progress has been good. I think a lot
    If this is thanks to pre workout hunger. I’ll always have a decent meal before a workout along with pre workout but halfway through my
    Workout I always feel hungry and lose motivation and strength and ussually my workout turns so unproductive I choose to leave short before doing abs or cardio or any secondary workouts. Any suggestions to help me not lose motivation during workout would be great.
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