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Thread: RIP my excuses

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    RIP my excuses


    I am on here because I am looking for support and a community. I am 26 soon to be 27.

    Where do I want to take my health?
    I want to be healthy like I was in the past - that's about 9 years ago. I want to be able to run and feel strong, and not have back pain and foot and knee pain, and I want to have a balanced workout lifestyle.

    What is my goal?
    My expectation is to be like how I was in the past. I am talking about highschool. I worked out a lot, did a lot of sports, had a lot of friends around me who worked out. We lifted weights and worked out.

    Cirumstances during highschool: I had friends, gym was close by, friends all liked doing the same thing.

    My circumstances now:
    Ever since I broke my wrist I have not been tried getting back into any hand-based sports. I avoided the surgery out of fear the doctor might mess up.
    My best friends are dispersed. One is in jail. The other did suicide. The third is doing well, but he complains he does not like public spaces so he avoids many stuff.
    Trying to make new friends: most people have been very difficult to make friends and have been too reliant or too busy.
    University friends are quite far away where they live but are very supportive to me in other parts of life and are nice people.
    Back pain when I work out.
    Wrist pain when I work out.
    Gym is too far away.
    The exercises from physio that I did, did help for a bit for back pain, but when the physio guy added more exercises, I started to give up.
    My commute is 2 hours one way where I sit in train and drive. But my classes also require 6 hours of sitting each day.
    Mentally, I feel like I look good, so I'm healthy, but I don't feel it.
    I've been gaining weight. Current weight 157 lbs and 5'8.
    Whenever I plan something, it is difficult for me to proceed because I want quick progress or I'm afraid I'm not doing the technique right.

    I want to be able to not have joint pain and back pain and be able to have good posture and be able to play soccer without getting tired. I want to be able to feel good and have a routine, especially since I'm getting married soon. Plus, I want to look a little good too, but I feel like I look fine, its just my posture.

    Previously I was 128 lbs as of April 1, 2016. It is now July 3rd, 2019 and I am now 157 lbs.

    Where do I go from here?
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    Hey mate! im sorry to hear that you friend did suicide, and you have some problems with getting the motivation up.

    Im having the same problem, since i can't find any motivation at all. Did you find it somewhere, and how?

    Sincerly, Christian
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