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    Reality of working in a gym? (UK)

    I am mulling over the decision to take my Level 2 Gym Instruction and Level 3 Personal Training qualification online with Study Active and getting a job in a gym.

    I am not thinking of doing this for the money (as I understand there are lots of unrealistic earning potential claims out there) however I would need at least minimum wage that’s guaranteed income. I am 30 years old, have a house and things to pay for.

    This has come about because I am wanting a career change and am starting to take a real interest in fitness, training and nutrition. So thought what better way to earn a living than have a job where I am doing this day-in/day-out to gain experience and do something I am really passionate about.

    If someone could share their experience on the reality of working in a gym (in the UK) that would be appreciated.

    The main questions that come to my mind are…

    Is this just a young person’s job that isn’t sustainable?

    What do typical day duties involve?

    Can you do PT sessions where you are paid an hourly wage by the gym instead of having to find your own clients on a self-employed basis?

    Are there any gyms that offer 9-5 hours, or are they all really early starts, big breaks in the afternoon, then late finishes? (all the job adverts I've seen for your main UK corporate gyms such are Gym Group, Pure Gym, Anytime Fitness etc. only seem to offer a minimum of 12 contracted hours)

    Many thanks!

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