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    RokHardBody review

    Has anyone used RHB muscle murder whey protein? Ive been using their pre-workout and its pretty damn good. Id say its comparable to C4 but I've had better results with RHB's pre-workout. I really want to try the shredded stack that includes their 4 main products. My girlfriend has been using the curves gainer product and shes enjoying it as well. Not sure why Im even asking but Im leaning towards buying it anyway, lmao. But If anyone has tried the stacks then please feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks guys.
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    Yes my boyfriend uses the RHB shredded stack and I use the curves enhancing stack. The whey protein is really good it has BCAA in it and less than 1g of sugar. We also ordered it from
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    They just started carrying at a local store near me and I've been using the RokHardBody curves gainer protein and the birthday cake flavor is absolutely delicious. The RHB pre-workout is a little strong for me but usually half a scoop is enough where I don't get too crazy off of it. Lol.
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