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    So I ate pretty poorly this week. The stress of work doing near 14 days in a row to only feel like I get **** on really has taken a toll on my mood and wanting to actually cook anything when I get home so its been pretty much garbage/comfort food all week still.

    I did end up doing meal prep today though for myself so I have healthy and properly portioned meals for a couple weeks so I am def getting on the right track.

    Wish work wasn't so stressful. Several staff are taking advantage of covid rules right now and basically calling in sick and being gone for 4-5 days to get "tested" I have no problems with this other then the fact its literally only our problem staff. Hard to believe any of them. I am getting real tired of all this ****.

    Anyways good day overall got some stuff done I wasn't expecting and the meal prep I did for myself and my parents is another push in the right direction.
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