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    Dino's Logs

    My Keto Journey Journal

            I'm making this for someone like me who would have wanted to have read this stuff before-hand. I dont think there's ganna be someone out there with all the answers and that's fine so here is my perspective on whats happening and my experience along the way. I have no desire to be well known, but I am putting my name on this because there shouldn't be any shame in losing weight and wanting to have a better body.

    Things of Notice

    Sickness: I got sick 2 weeks into keto forcing me to get off of it for those 2 days. Keto makes me thirstier, and being sick makes me thirstier. I didnt want to be sick long.
    I ate a little meat and drank all day (water of course). Not sure if this was the best move, but I did get better after only 2 days so I'm sticking with it.

    Diarrhea / Constipation: I got a bit of constipation and diarrhea at the beginning. Constipation seems more like just less bowel movements. and the diarrhea was primarily due to fatty discharge. Its gross I know, but someone has to say it. It stabilizes over time, but in that, It because controllable, and not that it goes away as far as I'm aware. I mean, its not diarrhea; its just very fatty output.

    Cravings: Very Strong at the beginning I'd say, its like a withdraw symptom. It goes away completely, and only comes back when you eat a higher amount of carbs. Add carbs if you want to feel like sht because it'll only make you want more. It's not fun. I'm sticking to 20 Net Carbs and its actually not so bad.

    Sweet-Tooth: Surprisingly, the things that you add into your diet for micro-nutrients can have crazy sweet tastes to them. I bought Raspberries and Blackberries and They are way to sweet. The thing is that when your used to sugar everything gets less sugary and so they need to pump way more sugar into things so you can taste the difference. Basically things get sweeter. If anything its not sweetness you miss but munchies. Like chips and cookies. A lot of cookies out there are made with both fat and sugar so actually cooking some kinda sweet might be what ur really searching for.

    Eating Too Much: Yes, I'm eating way too much meat. I'm eating a lot in general. I'm full all the time. As long as I get past 2,000 calories I'm fine. My "deficit" goal is 2,600. There's no way I can eat that much. In time, I know I'll figure things out, but right now, I just want results.

    Tracking is Too Much Work: I picked up carbmanager, There's things I love about it (presets) and things I dont (micros hidden behind a paywall).

    Keto Feels Bad: I heard you can enter ketosis in only 2 days of eating straight keto; It took me 2 weeks. At least, that's how long it took until I started feeling a big energy boost. Thats also around the time I got this other issue, Bad Breathe. I tried washing my teeth and tongue. It comes back. I don't know why.

    Clothes: ....

    Drinks: Besides mineral water, I only had water. I tried adding some V8 vegetable juice into my diet. It fked my stuff up; I'm not going to do that again. It felt like a drug, its too much at once.

    What have I been eating?

    Link to google drive Folder of daily food logs will be linked when forum allows me to link out (in about 50 posts)

    Link to google drive file for Summery of daily logs, to be posted later

    Weight Loss

    360 lbs, Feb 18 [Started Keto]
    --- waist

    340 lbs, March 4
    62 in waist

    [Checking again March 18]
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