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    Is this excess skin? And what can i do to improve?

    Backstory:: Was 258lbs, got down to 168lbs in about 11 months then started to build muscle. Currently at 172-3.

    If this is not allowed, please delete. I can't seem to get straight answers. I have been working on core for about a month now trying to get abs. It seems that the bottom of my stomach. even when i am starting to get abs, is still hanging. How can i tell if it is excess skin? Also, how can I tell if I am putting on fat vs muscle?

    Also, other than running (which i am about to start doing a lot). What can i do to improve my physique?

    Only workouts i am doing daily are pushups, pullups, crunches, bench, and bicep curls. :/
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    It is probably both fat and extra skin but it really isn't bad at all. Mine is worse but it looks sooo much better after building muscle. Personally I would just do a bulk that suites your metabolism. You might be a bit like me so I wouldn't be chugging down oatmeal shakes throughout the day. You have done amazing so far and somehow ended up looking like you never were fat.
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