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    post-spinal cord injury working out?

    I am 20 and had my spinal cord injury when I was 17. I used to workout back then and have a pretty fit body I'd say. and now I'm back working out consistently.

    the thing is my right biceps and branchialis(currently improving), also my whole right leg is completely weak. the leg is definitely the worse + i got foot drop & buckling knee from the injury.

    what I'm trying to do is at least balance them out, my right arm can curl 10lbs or maximum 15lbs with the feeling of getting my tendon cut off and my left can curl 30lbs w/no problem. talking bout legs they're wayyy off. note : i have no problem with my triceps and deltoids, they both share the same strength but my traps is significantly smaller on the right side.

    so, what i would do is squat(no weight) while focusing the weight onto my paralyzed leg. do curls on my right more than left. is it possible to balance them out especially my arm and leg(definitely wont work the same way)? anything that you guys would suggest?

    i have pics before, during, and current body but I'm not sure on how i should post it lol.

    EDIT: my age is 49 here apparently... what
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