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    Can Planks and Leg raises improve situps?

    So the story is I need to improve my situp count from, what I assume, is my max of like 18 to 35 in one minute within 2-3 months for a test. The problem being that Ive been dealing with a back/groin/lower abdominal injury/strain (It shifts everyday and already went to the doctor for it and he never really said what it was, just told me not to do anything that will agitate it and some recovery exercises) and wont allow me to do the sit-up motion. I cant bring myself up so I literally cant do a single sit up at the moment, but I still have to improve somehow for the test. Assuming I recover within the next 2 months, I want to do something to improve and the only core exercises that I can think of that dont involve my back at all are planks and hanging leg raises. There's also one particular recovery exercise that I can do which involves a little crunch where I lie back and slide my hands from my thigh to my knees and hold the top position for 10 seconds. I just want to know if those exercises will actually translate over to the sit-ups. (Hand behind head sit-ups) Or if I am just boned.
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