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    Dunk Journey - Road to 40 inch vertical

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 160
    Bodyfat: 14%
    Age: 18
    Starting Running Vertical: can grab rim

    I decided to do the Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller

    Training Method:Complex Explosion Training :
    Complex training is the combination of plyometrics and weight training
    Jump Manual Principles where I have one day of intense plyometrics and one day of explosive leg lifts every week. The plyometric exercises done change biweekly, but the explosive lifts should stay the same.

    This training cycle will take about 12 weeks to complete
    my split is -

    Sunday - Jump Manual Plyometrics
    Monday - Chest / Triceps +Core Series
    Tuesday - Back / Shoulders / Biceps
    Wendsday - Jump Manual Explosive Leg Lifts
    Thursday - Chest / Triceps
    Friday - Back / Shoulders / Biceps +Core Series
    Saturday -

    Jacob said
    " Over 100,000 Athletes Have Used This To Add As Much As 20" To Their Vertical Leap... Now It's Your Turn! "
    and he guarantee 10-15 inches by 12 weeks .

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