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    Deadlift form check

    So yesterday I managed 1 max rep which was 100kg. I'm super happy with how my progress is going I'm clearly getting stronger.

    I know my form was horrible in this video, my form isn't usually like that, so I'll put it down to the weight as it broke my form quite easily. Previously to this I was on 90kg and really wanted to try push 1 100kg out.

    Any feedback on my form is highly appreciated! Was the lift as bad as it looks? How do I make my back more flat when lifting heavier?

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    What I see immediately is your chest not being pushed forwards - this will make a huge difference in your upper back being set straight. Try and keep your shoulderblades retracted, not all the way tight, but trying to retract them will also help push your chest out.

    Do you have any videos of you lifting lighter, at 90kg?

    Aside from the rounding, there's a few other things I'd like to mention. I feel like your hips rise a little too fast, and when you lock out, you don't need to lean all the way back and put your shoulderblades in your back pocket, y'know? Just standing up and pushing the hip 'under the bar' so to speak is a good enough lockout, although I can't speak for any IPF rules on that.

    Notice as well when you lower it again, it's a good thing you're actually lowering it, you drag it on your thighs until the knees, and then you actually bump the knee, and then start dragging it on the shins, and the bar ends up on your feet. Once it goes below the knees, just let it glide down normally, I think you may be leaning backwards in a kind of equilibrium with the bar if you get what I mean
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