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    Routine thoughts

    I've been going to the gym for a year now making some great progress with strengh gains even while on a CUT. Im not sure if its because I'm cutting that I'm not seeing any size difference or if it's my routine so I wanted to ask what more experienced people thought of my workout. My main areas of weakness are my calves, traps and arms.
    Monday Push
    4×8 Dumbell shoulder press, 5×8 bench press, 3×10 barbell shoulder press, 4×15 cable chest flies, 5× single arm lateral raises, 4×12 tricep bar pushdowns, Skullcrushers to failure
    Tuesday pull. 5×15 facepulls, 4×8 barbell shrugs, 3×10 chin ups, 3×12 hammer curls, 6×8 seated cable row, 3×8 wide grip lat pulldown, 3×8 narrow neutral grip.

    Thursday legs. 4×15 squat, 3×15 leg extension, 5×10 leg curls, 3×20 calf raises leg press.
    Friday upper. 4×8 incline dumbell press, 4×8, 4×8 barbell rows, 4×8 dumbell shoulder press, 4×8 wide neutral grip lat pulldowns, Superset 3×12 concentration curls, 3×10 close grip bench press. Superset 3×12 cable curls, 3×12 tricep kickbacks.
    Sunday legs
    4×15 front squats, 4×12 leg press, 3×15 leg curl, leg extension 5×8, single leg standing calf raises 3×20
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