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    Uneven shoulder+chest (right side) and right scapula pain

    So I’ve been working out for about 12 months now and I’ve noticed my left side is more “full” my pec is significantly larger and so is my shoulder. My left shoulder also seems wider then my right (I’m right handed). I’ve been looking at scapula winging as I am able to fit my fingers behind my right scapula but struggle to do so on my left due to muscle covering it. I’ve attached images below and would like to hear what you think it is? I’ve been doing scapula shrugs, wall raises and face pulls for a round a month but no change.

    When I raise my right arm laterally I get a sharp pinching pain around the scapula/lowed shoulder area. This pain is also felt when doing wall raises (military dumbbell against a wall without a weight basically) and also sometimes when I’m wearing a heavy bag.

    Visually it bothers me a lot and I believe whatever it is is stopping my right sided progression but the pain is also an issue that I think needs to be addressed? Soon to start a new grad job in a hospital which will require a lot of patient manipulation (radiotherapist).

    Any suggestions on what it is and how to correct the pain AND the uneven shoulder/ pec is appreciated.

    PS I don’t touch barbells
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