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    Optimal time to switch to a bulking programme?

    Pretty new here
    Apologies in advance for my mistakes

    I finished med school about 6 months back. In the final time put on a lot of weight, was very unfit and generally really fat.
    Haven't had any previous training experience either.
    Was 122kgs ie. Around 270lbs at height of 6'2" with a body fat % of about 34% ( measured on a bio impedance machine) age being 22ys
    Started a basic weight training about 6 months back, along with clean eating and in 6 months have reduced down to right now 81kgs ie. About 180lbs
    Current body fat % being 19%

    I am currently going in around a caloric deficit of about 700-800kcals a day
    Initially due to no prior training experience made some improvements in strength but seems to have totally plateaued now.
    Hence I was wondering if it would be a good time to start a bulking/strength gaining phase with a slight caloric excess

    Any advice would be helpful.
    Thank you!
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